Ashington. A Journey Through Time DVD

Ashington. A Journey Through Time DVD

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Take a journey through time and visit Ashington in Northumberland. Using rare archive footage and still photographs this journey is definitely for those interested in Ashington’s unique heritage.

We begin our story with the streets and shops and you can see how it has changed over the tears. Witness the old vehicles, fashion and street layouts.

There is Ashington Hospital on view too. Step back in time to the early days and witness the nurses and doctors at work in some unique and rare footage.

If you are interested in steam engines then this is for you as we see the steam engines at work in and around Ashington including the colliery. Do you remember those old steam engines and wagons ?

Farming is on film too. Visit Ashington Farm, Coney Garth Farm and others and see how they operated in days long gone. Thee are the children too on film playing in the fields. A superb piece of history for you to enjoy.

Do you remember the “Big Freeze” of 1962 -1963 ?  This is on film for you and you can witness how hard it was for everyone in the country. Vegetables were on short supply as they could not get them dug out of the ground. Transport came to a standstill and the animals could not get food. This freeze began on 26th December and the thaw didn't begin until March 6th.

Hard times were also had when the coal miners strike of 1926 began. Soup kitchens were set-up and many charity events were held to support them. You can witness the children at the soup kitchens on this rare archive footage. However, people still needed coal, not just to keep warm, but cook too. Witness people from Ashington digging for coal wherever they could.

We all remember our school days. We have some superb archive footage from the 1950’s as we witness the children with their pets, playing in the playground and having their free school milk.

Witness the life of a pit pony as we travel underground and actually see the hard work they were involved with. Witness the miner digging the coal and filling it into the tubs for the pony to take away from the coal face.

North Seaton Colliery village is also on this DVD for you. Step back in time and see how it once looked and meet some of the people who once lived and worked there.

There is just so much more on this DVD to mention, but take this journey through time and witness our heritage.

You never know, you may recognise someone from the past. It may even be you or a family member.


approx 60 minutes duration

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