Blyth. The 1960's DVD

Blyth. The 1960's DVD

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In this superb film we take a nostalgic journey and see how Blyth, including Cambois and North Blyth looked during the 1960’s

With the use of archive footage and photographs we bring back the memories of a fantastic decade to life for you to share with your family and friends.

Everyone remembers their school days, but what about when the school photographer came and those special photographs with your family and friends were taken ? We have a good selection on this film for you to ignite those memories.

We have the streets, shops, fashion, sports, the pantomimes ,the market and so much more for you.

This film is a must-have for everyone connected to Blyth, Cambois and North Blyth

You never know, you may see yourself, a family member or friend.


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