Choppington "The Way it Was" Book

Choppington "The Way it Was" Book

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What a fantastic history book we have here for you to enjoy. Have you ever wondered what Choppington looked like all those years ago ? The answers are revealed in this book. How did Scotland Gate get its name ? Did you know that Choppington Church was 

not going to be built where it stands today ? Many of your questions will be answered for you when you read this. What was Choppington like in the 1880s ? Again we have answers for you. And not only is it Choppington, but Guide Post, Sheepwash and Barrington too.

Not only do we delve back at its history but there are stories of the tragic loss of life. Coal mining deaths too and there is the German Zeppelin Raid on Choppington in 1915. Along with much more this book will certainly  be of interest to anyone who wants to delve into the past.

The book is in A4 format and there are 44 pages.


Contents: Page 1: The Ecclesiastical Parish of Choppington Page 4: Our Colliery Villages. Choppington c 1873 Page 11: How Old is Sheepwash Bridge ? Page 12: John Foggo of Choppington Page 13: German Zeppelin Raid of 1915 Page 16: Choppington Man Who Became Prime Minister Page 18: Sheepwash Bank Methodist Church Page 20: Sheepwash Bridge as a Matrimonial Agent Page 21: History of Guide Post Working Mens Social Club Page 23: Queens Head, Guide Post, Opened in 1962 Page 24: Two Choppington Miners Die in Bid to Save Pony from Gas Page 27: Father and Son Drowned at Sheepwash Page 28: Choppington Boys Brave Rescue Bid Page 29: Our Colliery Villages. Barrington and the Sleekburns c 1873 Page 35: Boiler Explosion at Barrington Colliery Page 38: Pond Gives up its Secret Page 39: Old Memories of Barrington Colliery Page 41: Barrington Colliery Village c 1922

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