Lynemouth Colliery: Remembering the Past DVD

Lynemouth Colliery: Remembering the Past DVD

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Take a trip back in time as we remember Lynemouth Colliery in Northumberland. Using still photographs and archive footage we delve into its history.

The sinking of Lynemouth Colliery began in early 1927,

however, it was not until some seven years later, in 1934 that the first coals were drawn.

However in November 1966 the colliery was at risk of closure when spontaneous combustion caused a huge fire underground.

The management decided they would flood all the workings in the lower measures of the pit in an attempt to save the pit.

However, there was an added problem for the management to confront. That was the pit ponies that were in the underground stables. The rescue went underway and the ponies were saved.

With the colliery saved and the new Bewick Drift completed the first coals from Ellington Colliery came out the drift to the surface in May 1968.

The colliery began to fail in its production targets and it was

decided to halt all underground mining at the colliery.

That was the end of the colliery, but its closure was never

Officially announced. Then on October 3rd 1983 Ellington and Lynemouth Collieries became known as the Ellington Combine.

Men were kept on the surface for various tasks such as the washer.

Ellington Colliery sadly closed in 2005 and brought an end to

deep coal mining in the area and which was said to be the

largest undersea coal mine in the world.

If you worked at Lynemouth Colliery or interested in its history this DVD will give you a fantastic insight into coal mining.

Witness machinery cutting the coal, the fire of 1966 and much more.

Running time approx 60 minutes.

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