Wigan: When Coal Was King DVD


Wigan: When Coal Was King DVD

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In this DVD we look at Wigan and When Coal was King. Coal mining was an important industry in days now long gone, but we remember it as we witness how Wigan was part of it. There is so much to witness on this production not only for those who have an interest in coal mining, but for those who have an interest in the heritage of Wigan. Sit back with your family and friends and enjoy this trip down memory lane and “When Coal was King”

Please note: The production includes video of the pit brow girls. These girls worked on the surface and did
many of the jobs that was required on the surface of the mine...
Witness what it was like to be a coal miner back in 1911.
There is footage of the Mines Rescue services in a mock rescue from the 1940s.
Witness first hand what coal mining was like as it progressed with the latest machinery underground.
Footage of young mining trainees and along with still photographs this makes a superb piece of history from the Wigan area.



total running time approx 46 minutes.

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